Youth soccer should not emphasize winning. Hans Westerhof, the director of
youth coaching at Ajax, agrees: "... from (ages) 8 to 15 is (the) time to
develop youth players - and only develop - but at 16 you must win."

A message from the director

Dear parents, 

Welcome to the Developmental Academy at Dacula Soccer Club. I hope you are as excited as I am regarding the Academy program. As we move forward to increase the player development at Dacula Soccer Club the Academy will prove to be an asset to the club and an exceptional way to increase the technical ability and tactical awareness of the dedicated players who train in the program.  

The focus and philosophy of the Academy program at Dacula Soccer Club is player development. Technical skill development is our main objective. The coaching staff is chosen carefully as to provide the best training possible within the academy guidelines. Wins and losses are not the primary concern of the academy. Our primary objective is to “teach” the game of soccer and develop technical skills and tactical awareness in each individual player. As Academy coaches we strive to produce players who are good decision makers in many different roles. As these players move into our select program, they will be comfortable in any position on the field because… “they have been there before”. 

Please view the power-point presentation regarding the Academy on our DSC web site at  In addition; please take the time to review the coaching profiles of our Developmental Academy staff provided below. I have the utmost confidence in the staff and would not hesitate to have my own children play soccer for them. They are not only high-level soccer coaches, but they are also, and more importantly, quality people who genuinely care about children.